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There's no label for what this is.  It's the food grown in soil that is rich and alive. 

It's the deep, unspoken sense of community. It's enjoying a meal that feels good

in your body and your soul.  It's proper Nutrition for that Village kind of life.

Samantha M.B. Arney, RHN, CHN

Samantha is a Registered Holistic Nutritionistâ„¢ with a degree from the Canadian School of Natural Nutrition.  Before becoming an RHN, Samantha co-founded Young Urban Homesteaders, where she continues to grow fresh local produce and sells a variety of conscious products through stores as well as at markets and events.

It is my mission to support the well-being of the community through a mindful approach that respects the role of the body, mind, and spirit in the health of each human being.

What to Expect

Focus on the interrelationship of mind, body and spirit through the promotion of whole, locally grown and organic foods, sustainable farming practices, and the necessity of living in a non-toxic environment.

With each client we document your goals and needs, evaluate dietary habits, assess lifestyle and overall feeling of well being, and review your use of dietary supplements to determine nutritional imbalances.

Each client is provided an individualized wellness program to support you 

in reaching your highest health and wellness potential!  Wellness programs

will include the use of whole, nutrient-dense foods, menu plans, natural

source supplements, and lifestyle modifications.

Services Offered

1-2 Hrs - Initial Consultation

30-60min - Follow Up

3-7 Days - Meal Plans

Regular Check-ins - Accountability Partner


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Talk of the Tao

is often bland and flavorless.

But travelers always stop for

good  music and good food.

-Tao Te Ching 35