Local Hot Sauce on Your Tables

We've been making Liquid Peppers Hot Sauce for over 5 years now. 

We start with 100% Locally Grown peppers, ferment them in salt brine,

blend them down into a sauce and age for at least 9 months.  

We want to bring our Hot Sauce to your Tables,

so we've developed a program to make it worth your while.

 We know you don't make money by giving away hot sauce. 

So we have a few ideas:

  1.  Custom labels for your restaurant with your logo prominently on the front.

  2.  Upsell.  Want a bottle for home? Add it to the bill.

  3.  We are working with artists to develop limited edition sauces with custom artwork, with a portion of sales going to the Artist.

The idea here is to generate some hype and synergy through cross-promotion.

Grown by Atom Acres. Bottled by YUHomesteaders. Custom Artwork by _______. 

Served by You.

Liquid Pepper Photo.jpg

How it Works

Place an order through our online store,

we will send you an invoice and notify you about delivery.

You can buy whole or partial cases for resale,

or individual bottles for food service.

Return empty bottles to us and you only pay for the sauce!

Select "New" if it is the first time you are ordering, or if you need more bottles.

Select "Refill" equal to the amount of bottles you are returning.

Your order will arrive with your custom labels by default.

Contact us to confirm your label design: wholesale@yuhomesteaders.com

If you would prefer to refill the bottles yourself, this is an option.
We can provide you with 5L containers of sauce

as well as the caps and plastic inserts.

Please contact us to arrange: wholesale@yuhomesteaders.com

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