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Our Story

Back in 2012, the founders Samantha & Philippe began growing food in their backyard.  By the second year they had expanded to a vacant lot nearby and they quickly learned that there was not only a demand for responsibly grown produce, but for foods made with that produce. 


It started with KimChi, a food we were introduced to on a farm we were working on at the time.  Before long, Young Urban Homesteaders was offering a whole line of probiotic, locally and ethically-sourced fermented foods made the traditional way in small batch ceramic crocks.  KimChi and Sauerkraut made the list, but also new products like fermented Salsa, Pesto, Garlic, and a line of single-pepper Hot Sauces to highlight the flavors coming out of the fields of consciously-minded area farmers.

As Young Urban Homesteaders continued to garner a reputation for high-quality, ethically-sourced foods they expanded into the realm of serving food at events.  Enter "the Guac People." Grandma's guacamole recipe, a food Philippe had eaten as long as he can remember, was an instant hit.

The world is changing, and so are our diets.  As our diets changed, we found we couldn't go out and eat the same way anymore.  We serve you the foods that we are developing out of necessity.

If you have allergies, food-sensitives, you're avoiding animal products or you just want to eat good clean food.  We've got your back. 


But remember...  


Whatever Else Our Food Is, It's Always Delicious.




When selecting ingredients, our highest priority is always food produced without the use of pesticides, herbicides, fungicides, additives, colorings, preservatives... you get it.

If we can find it Local, we buy it Local.  Everything else is Certified Organic from the same places that supply your local grocer.

When you enjoy food from us, we've put thought into what it's in.

Our fermented foods are packaged in glass because we don't like plastic and it tastes better.  Everything we use is Certified Compostable or Recycleable.

Deli Containers, Guacamole Trays, Sample Spoons, Coffee Cups, Sporks...

How you spend your money makes a difference in the world.

You trust us to use that money wisely.  We do that by purchasing everything we can from other consciously-minded business .


Young Urban